Cultivate, transform and reinvent the figs,

to resume the family business,

and to mend the break with tradition

and create one of the most exclusive brands

in the niche food sector.

Santomiele tells about the excellence of a territory,

about small masterpieces of nature.

Very old food products, such as figs, re-elaborated with care in jams or molasses, or re-proposed in the natural sun-dried version according to tradition. Santomiele works by combining quality and tradition with creativity and imagination. Thus, a journey is born in the land of flavors. A journey to discover aromas and products of the past. A journey to live and enjoy, slowly. As the sweetest of pleasures.

Santomiele is in Prignano Cilento,

a small village surrounded by the greenery

of the Cilento Park.

Visiting Santomiele means to start a journey into the past.

It is a journey through family traditions, memories and ancient proofs united with a contemporary architecture, a refined and evocative architecture. From an ancient mill to a huge terrace, today Santomiele presents itself as a splendid 21st century palace. It is a journey through perfumes and architecture. At the entrance a grand piano from the 1800s and portraits of Mediterranean life by Englishman Norman Parkinson tells about the sweet life in the Mediterranean. On the pearl-colored floor, there are words and texts to remember Parmenides, the founder of the Elea school.

The display cases with fig molasses,

fagottini and pine cone are visible

ed illuminate dalla luce e delle grandi vetrate,

and illuminated by light and large windows,

which flood the wide spaces and enhance their beauty.

In the large hall,

as if to remember an haute couture tailor’s shop,

large Botero tables

have been symmetrically arranged.