Santomiele is a journey into a world of flavors.

Around large central tables,

a tasting path welcomes

the visitor with an experience

that involves the eyes, the palate and the smell.

An engagement of all the senses

to relive sensations and memories

that combine the pleasure of good food with the beauty of enjoying it in a welcoming environment. An intense experience to enjoy unique recipes,
such as to make the moment of tasting really exciting.

Here, the Santomiele fig

accompanies itself to refined cocoa

and spices coming from all over the world.

Reworked recipes that take on new shapes

and flavors to be discovered.

This is how Santomiele products are:

a balance of aromas, flavors and color.

A color that does not dominate the others

but seals the expressive completeness of their being.

For visits and bookings,

we are open from Monday to Friday
from 9.30 to 18.00.

You can visit our company on Sundays, by reservation.
tel +39 0974 833275 fax +39 0974 844633